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Treatment for
shoulder pain

Shoulder pain can limit your daily activities including driving, work, looking after the children, playing sport, and even just answering the phone. It can also be particularly uncomfortable to sleep which can lead to other problems.

If you have shoulder pain:

  • Use ice not heat. Apply frozen peas or an ice pack over the painful shoulder, ensuring you have a tea towel or something similar between your skin and the ice pack.

  • Keep the shoulder moving within
    pain limits.

The shoulder is an incredibly complex joint, actually made up of several joints, and the pain can come from many underlying problems, such as the muscles and joints of the shoulder itself, the neck, back and jaw, or even organs such as the stomach or gall bladder can refer pain to the shoulder so it is important to get the diagnosis right.

We will find the source of your shoulder pain and you will soon get relief.

I can advise on exercises that may help.

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07855 460 842


Shoulder Treatment

Treatment for headaches

Headaches can make life miserable as you struggle to concentrate on everyday activities such as work, hobbies, or even just talking.
It is not normal to experience headaches on a regular basis.

If you're suffering from headaches:

  • Keep hydrated – drink adequate amounts of water during the day.

  • Keep caffeine down to a minimum.

  • Monitor your stress levels and see if they are related to your headaches.

  • Avoid using laptops/ Ipads/ tablets without lifting the monitor to eye level.

  • Seek advice from a Chiropractor if your headaches continue on a regular basis, especially if you have not experienced them previously.

Chiropractic has been proven to help with headaches where the source is from the muscles and joints of the neck. 

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07855 460 842


Treatment for
neck pain

Neck pain can be very painful leading to sleepless nights, exhaustion, and preventing you from doing everyday activities.

If you have neck pain:

  • Use an ice pack wrapped in a tea towel (frozen peas work well). Use for 10-15 minutes every 2 hours.

  • Keep your neck moving within your pain limits.

  • When using laptops and computer tablets (e.g. ipads) lift the monitor to eye level. 

  • Use a headset if you are on the phone for a long time each day.

I can advise on exercises that may help.

Please call me on 07855 460 842


Treatment for
lower back pain

Lower back pain can make it feel impossible to do everyday activities, such as work, looking after the children, and keeping fit.

It often starts with a minor everyday activity such as bending down to tie your shoelaces.

What to do if you have lower back pain:

  • Keep active, but without aggravating your condition.

  • Use ice instead of heat.

  • Avoid or limit painful activities, e.g. sitting is often painful so limit the time you sit and have regular breaks.

  • If sleeping is painful then try sleeping with a pillow between your legs.

    Please call me on 

07855 460 842

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